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Accidental Archives

1 woven print and 10 front/back cmyk screen prints;
4.25” x 6” [postcard size]

A collection of things I consider to be Accidental Archives; 
things that unintentionally act as a record of information, share stories, or act as an account of existence or action in some way that seems archival.

(i.e. A Cemetery being an Archive of lives and deaths, of families, of where someone lived, or the history of the location;
The library due date cards being an archive of time and places that book has, how popular the book is, or how old;
The shortcut Buttons on a radio serving as an archive of someones interest in music, their recent locations, or the person who has recently driven the car)
Dec 09 2021

The Host Book
A book adaptation of Miranda Pennell’s essay film, The Host.

Hardcover, linen wrapped and screen printed cover, 6”x9”, 249 pages.
3 editions printed.

Watch Pennell’s film here.

May 03 2021



Woven Love letter No.2: Hughlett Point.

Screen Printing & Weaving & Sewing…. love letters to Hughlett Point and Childhood memories ❣️❣️

2 18”x24” Woven And Sewn Screen Prints on paper.

Images are me at Hughlett Point in Kilmarnock, VA at ages 3, 6, 12, & 21.

Oct 15 2021

In the Kitchen.

8.5”x11” CMYK Screen Prints, 15 editions.

Old family photos and stolen salt shaker veggies.
Sept 21 2021


Making an argument for textiles as language.

Book, Hand-sewn binding,
4.5”x9”, 23 pages. 
Small page inserts are digitally printed cotton.

Text taken from In search of a Language: Text and Textiles in Contemporary Women’s Art by Sarah Ann O’Mahoney.

May 01 2021