Shannon Baker

Designer & Printmaker. 

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Memory Quilt

24”x36” patchwork quilt, digitally printed images on fabric, hand embroidered text.

A quilt made up of fragmented representational images of memories I have of/with my grandmother, Mary. 

images: jewish apple cake recipe, an image of her keys, a painting of a rooster she kept in her home, a photo of her, my mother, my aunt and my two uncles in her garden, and other images.

[this quilt is part of a larger quilt made in collaboration with Erin Crawford, Caroline Barry, Fiona McMichael, Jasmine Montano, Emily Woodard, and Hannah Galligan.
The quilt was displayed at the Anderson gallery and then donated to a patient in palliative care at the VCU Massey Cancer Center upon the closing of the exhibition.]

Nov 15 2021