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Designer & Printmaker. 

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Street Smarts!

“ I was street smart, unfortunately the street was__________.” 4’x4’ wooden signs. Plywood, latex paint, spray paint.

Two wooden signs that are a commentary on the unsolicited and excessive cautionary advice given by people from my hometown when I decided to go to school in Richmond, VA. (A majority of people acted like I was going to get jumped every time I left my apartment).

For these signs I took the Carrie Fisher quote “I was street smart, unfortunately the street was  Rodeo Drive” and changed the quote according to streets I walk most in Richmond [West Broad Street and North Lombardy]. Each sign potrudes 4 feet into the sidewalk, forcing those who walk by encounter it, illiciting a similar feeling to that of receiving unsolicited cautionary advice.

Dec 03 2019