Shannon Baker

Designer & Printmaker. 

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Thesis Research!

I am currently working on my senior capstone thesis as part of my final semester in undergrad at VCU.

→find a living google slideshow that I am updating as I continue my research here.

Speculative Company & Identity

A speculative/hypothetical tech company.

Nov 24 2020

Making an argument for textiles as language.

Book, Hand-sewn binding,
4.5”x9”, 23 pages. 
Small page inserts are digitally printed cotton.

Text taken from In search of a Language: Text and Textiles in Contemporary Women’s Art by Sarah Ann O’Mahoney.

May 01 2021


Lost & Found Posters/Type

Posters for Lost and Found group exhibition at the Anderson Gallery.

Apr. 29 2020


In the Kitchen.

8.5”x11” CMYK Screen Prints, 15 editions.

Old family photos and stolen salt shaker veggies.
Sept 21 2021